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Downtown Winthrop Maine – From Postcard Mailed in 1908

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  • Clif Graves – Self-Publishing Consultant and Book Designer
    Let me help you self-publish your book (And not get overcharged or locked into a bad deal) Page layout services to format your novel or poetry book for publishing using Amazon KDP (printed and/or ebook) or IngramSpark.
  • Basic Novel Page Layout
    Basic Novel Page Layout One of the most standard quality paperback sizes is 5.5 x 8.5. Big enough but not too big. It just feels right in your hand. This basic page layout has about a half inch outside margin. Interior margins depend on the number of pages in the book. The more pages the […]
  • Some Books I have worked on
    These are some books I did the interior page design for.
  • What do I charge for Page Layout?
    Page layout to format your nonfiction, novel, poetry, or children’s book for publishing using Amazon KDP (printed and/or e-book) or IngramSpark. One 45-minute Zoom remote support / design discussion. Finalized layouts provided to the author for review and approval. Most simple format adjustments or corrections are included in basic price. Extensive revisions, such as substantial […]
  • The Last American
    The Last American by J. A. Mitchell A new edition edited and designed by Clif Graves. The American author, J. A. Mitchell, was a contemporary of Jules Verne. The Last American was first published in 1889. The Last American is a humorous and disquieting foreshadowing of what may come. This is a tale of a […]
  • The Wave of Time
    The Wave of Time Edited by Clif Graves Do we simply ride the wave of time, like a piece of flotsam on the ocean? Do we get thrown up on the ever-changing shore of a future that was always there? Do we create the future by our actions, or do we have no control or […]