Self-Publishing Assistance and Book Design

Downtown Winthrop Maine – From Postcard Mailed in 1908

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  • Twelve things to consider – DYI – Print on Demand – Self Publishing.
    Independent publishing / self publishing is a fast growing part of the publishing landscape. New technology, specifically print on demand (POD) printing, now allows self publishers and small independent publishers to produce quality books and market them worldwide in a way that was not possible before.
  • Clif Graves – Self-Publishing Consultant and Book Designer
    Let me help you self-publish your book (And not get overcharged or locked into a bad deal) Page layout services to format your novel or poetry book for publishing using Amazon KDP (printed and/or ebook) or IngramSpark.
  • Basic Novel Page Layout
    Basic Novel Page Layout One of the most standard quality paperback sizes is 5.5 x 8.5. Big enough but not too big. It just feels right in your hand. This basic page layout has about a half inch outside margin. Interior margins depend on the number of pages in the book. The more pages the […]
  • Some Books I have worked on
    Take a look at some of the books I have done the in page layout and design for and Picture Books I have worked on to get them ready for printing and distribution on Amazon or IngramSpark.
  • What do I charge for Page Layout?
    Here is a quick over view of what it might cost to format your nonfiction, novel, poetry, or children’s book to get it ready for for publishing using Amazon KDP (printed and/or e-book) or IngramSpark.
  • The Last American
    The Last American by J. A. Mitchell A new edition edited and designed by Clif Graves. The American author, J. A. Mitchell, was a contemporary of Jules Verne. The Last American was first published in 1889. The Last American is a humorous and disquieting foreshadowing of what may come. This is a tale of a […]
  • The Wave of Time
    The Wave of Time Edited by Clif Graves Do we simply ride the wave of time, like a piece of flotsam on the ocean? Do we get thrown up on the ever-changing shore of a future that was always there? Do we create the future by our actions, or do we have no control or […]