No geek talk computer assistance.

hal-800pxIs your computer starting to seem a bit like HAL? Assistance for the non- tech savvy—I understand that for many the young nerds at the big box stores can be a bit overwhelming. I provide affordable friendly at home and in office assistance. I will take the time to explain in real English what is needed and what I am doing. Many computer fixes require no new hardware. If you need new hardware or software, I will help you find the lowest cost option that will do the trick.

If you are within 50 miles of Augusta / Winthrop and need help with computer issues, I can provide assistance at your home or office. A one hour in-home or in-office visit will cost just $35. (Depending on distance, a small travel charge will apply.)

  • If you think (or know) you have a virus, have a hardware or software problem, are getting or have gotten a new computer or device,
  • Many computer problems can be fixed at your home. No need to disconnect that Desktop and bring it to a store where it will sit for days.
  • Computers are now in everything. I can also provide assistance with setting up and configuring wifi, smart TVs, and other computer related devices.
  • Clients can also get follow-up assistance by phone or remote assistance.


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