Clouded Judgment?

I saw a t shirt that said “The cloud really just means using somebody else’s computer” That just about says it all! The cloud has become a general term for just about any program or service that is not located on your local computer (local area network) and accessed over the internet. The part of...Continue reading

WordPress Pages vs Posts—Read More

If you are new to using WordPress, the difference between pages and posts seems a bit amorphous. Heck, even for long-term users it can seem a bit difficult to wrap your head around. This is my take on how they are different.

Editing Text in Page Builder (Live Editor).

One of my clients wanted some help maintaining a page on her site that used  Page Builder. Since the last post mentioned Page Builder it seemed right to post the quick intro sheet for editing text in a page that uses Page Builder.

Origami and Page Builder

When designing the look for a website using WordPress, the first thing I do is see if I can find an existing theme that has most of what I want for a look. This is the starting point. Once I have a starting theme there is always some customization that is needed to get it...Continue reading

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