Making a self published book look as people expect a book to look is so important. While big well known Authors can get away with gimmicks such as not using quotation marks in dialog most readers expect a book look like other books in look and feel. Readability is enhanced by the correct choice of Font and spacing.

Book size, shape, Indenting, and line spacing all contribute to making a book easy to read and enjoyable.

One of the most standard book sizes is 5.5 x 8.5. Big enough but not too big. It just feels right in your hand.

This basic page layout has about a half inch outside margin. Interior margins depend on the number of pages in the book. The more pages the larger the center margin needs to be to not have the book feel cramped.

Drop caps are where the first letter of the paragraph starting a chapter spans two or three lines gives the book a complete look. (To have good looking drop caps, no sentence starting a chapter can start with quotation marks.)Decorative black and white graphics can be included on chapter header pages.

Page numbering starts with the first actual page of the manuscript. No page numbering on title, dedication etc. Title and Author can be included on the bottom of the numbered pages.


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