Caught by reCAPTCHA?

The article on There is no evil like reCAPTCHA (v3) Takes an interesting look at the value behind the “are you Human” testing that so many sites use. I have always had mixed feelings about the usefulness of these kind of tests. Presumably a computer cannot answer them but only us humans can. But as AI gets better and cheaper that is a big question mark.

“But don’t for one second think that it has anything to do with some increasing level of complexity in the war against bots. No no no. How long it takes to now solve these things has increased due to completely deliberate and specific choices that Google has made in reCAPTCHA v3.

I’m talking about why, despite you being a completely normal human being of sound deductive capability. You… just… keep… FAILING these things!

So why… whyyyy does this happen? It isn’t because you are in fact a dunce who cannot count up to 3 or cannot tell how many buses or traffic lights there are in a few blurry photos and it also isn’t because you don’t know what a fire hydrant looks like. The reason that people fail reCAPTCHA v3 prompts so consistently now is because Google realised there was no punishment to forcing people to solve more of these ‘human verification puzzles’ and only more to gain by forcing (yes it IS forcing) people to train their AI for free.”

Is reCAPTCHA just another way for Google to capture our data? The EU privacy police are looking at the underhanded data gathering in the Facebook LIKE buttons. Wonder if this will be next.

The privacy policy associated with reCAPTCHA is interesting reading starting with

“When you use our services, you’re trusting us with your information.”

“Are you feeling trusting?”

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