Goodby Railroad Square Cinema

The RR2, like most movie houses, has been closed for a year now and Railroad Square intends to open for the Maine International Film Festival July 9-18, 2021 and remain open after the festival finishes. As it says on the Waterville Creates website, “Due to the current pandemic, all in-person programming has been suspended.” Because part of the plan (depending on fund raising) is to move the cinema to downtown Waterville, it may well be that Railroad Square Cinema will never reopen at its old building.

Starlink offers what?

I was excited about Starlink. Internet from space seems to be hugely kool. Very future. But my thought is that Starlink is currently too expensive. Not that hugely faster internet might be nice, but for most of us we may not see it as worth the price (or even see a difference much of the time).

Windows 7 is dead – Long live Linux

Unless you are a big organization and wants to send Microsoft lots of money for continued support – support for Windows 7 is over. Over 10 years ago Microsoft launched Windows 7 to help recover from the disastrous Windows Vista. In August 2012 Microsoft released Windows 8 to less than stellar reviews. While Windows 8...

Is WordPress a monopoly, Should we care?

An interesting discussion is happening in a number of places. Automattic and its CEO Matt Mullenweg are the force behind WordPress. Sure WordPress is open source but the platform is mostly controlled by Automattic. The move to adopt their Gutenberg editor in WordPress is a case in point. It is from my point of view...

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