about self-publishing your book

Professional Page Layout and Design

  • Page layout services to format your novel¬† or poetry book for publishing using Amazon KDP (printed and/or ebook) or IngramSpark.

Support and Training

  • Help you to understand and navigate the complexities of the self-publishing industry.
  • Help you get up to speed with what you need to know about editing and book design, including ISBNs, barcodes, printing, and your options for low-cost book design and formatting tools.
  • Help you understand your printing and distribution options, including Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Apple Books, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and advantages /¬† limitations of local printing.
  • Personalized support for publishing your book.

No Surprises, Flat Rate Pricing

  • Formatting for standard sizes offered by Amazon / IngramSpark for print on demand.
  • Standard interior formatting including copyright, dedication, chapter page, and title page design.
  • Choices of fonts and incidental graphics.
  • Preview and Revisions.

In the end, what will it cost you to print your book?

Historically, self-publishing was limited to so-called vanity presses who charged the author for designing and printing the book. The price per book varied depending on how many books you had in a print run. Often, to get a good price per book, large print runs were required. But times changed rapidly with print-on-demand. Amazon and IngramSpark charge low or no setup fee and provide author copies at a fixed price per book regardless of how many or how few books you order.

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