Is Facebook just the new AOL?

I have has a website for ages. I have Facebook and Twitter. How do these all fit together. Back in the day, there was something called AOL. You logged into AOL and it was all there articles, messages to friends, interest groups, photos and videos. Then a strange thing happened. AOL let you access the INTERNET. Soon we all discovered a much richer world outside the AOL firewall. Now it seems we are back there again. We go straight to FACEBOOK and get the internet filtered through the FACEBOOK algorithms, we communicate with friends through their messenger,  we see the world through FACEBOOK colored glasses.

There is a potential alternative. The Indie Web. The idea is that individual wordpress or other simple low cost web sites can be linked into a network. This way you can have your community and be independent too. I will be exploring the indiweb over the next few weeks.

s post is my first test of some indiweb integration. We will see.



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