Netflix, bigger than cable?

The headline on engadget is  Netflix has more American subscribers than cable TV.

It seems that between increases in Netflix subscriptions and a continuing decrease in cable subscribers Netflix with its 50.85 million US subscribers now has more subscribers than the US cable industry.  Driven by both cost and original content the tide continues to shift away from cable.  The article also postulates that cable companies are giving up on advertising to cost conscious customers and focusing their advertising on more lucrative customers.

Outside what was counted are a small percentage of folks that are moving to internet-only TV subscriptions. It also did not count satellite TV subscriptions or those getting TV by antenna.  But given it continues its current growth rate, Netflix could be bigger than cable, Satellite, and internet-only TV within a few years.

This is somewhat a false comparison in that what Netflix offers is not exactly comparable to what cable TV providers offer. (The cable to your house for example) But it does illustrate a shift in how we get and watch things.

Image by Thomas Hawk

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