Professional Page Layout and design

The interior design of your book can make or break the professionalism of the book.

The look and feel of a book is an important part of the reader experience and may help you sell your book.

While book interior design services often sell their creativity and the individuality of their designs, in fact most professionally designed novels have some of the same basic characteristics.

  • Good looking Title and Half-Title pages
  • A complete and well designed copyright page
  • Display pages including section and chapter opening pages in a standard format.
  • Body of the book set in a quality font designed for printing, such as a version of Garamond
  • Drop Caps at the start of a chapter
  • Full justification of the text, so that both the right and left margin square up.
  • Hyphenating the other type setting techniques to eliminate unsightly gaps and spaces on the page.
  • Eliminating Windows and Orphans.
  • Standard page layout conventions which include:
    • Odd numbered pages on the right
    • Outer margins that are large enough to make the book look good and allow the reader to easily hold the book.
    • Book center margins that give enough space to not crowed the text into the fold of the book.

While amazon does suggest that you can create a book design using just Microsoft Word, it is hard to do it well. To get a truly professional look professional designers use software tools designed to do page layout.