Site design and hosting cost estimate

responsive-design-400pxThe days of the high-priced web site and needing a full time web-master are pretty much over. Basic site hosting and much of site design have become quite affordable. Adding and updating site content does not require skills much beyond basic word processing.

Just like working on your House or Car, the more you can do, the less you have to pay someone else to do. The Wordpress 'back end' provides a stable, flexible, and low cost foundation for your site and makes adding content and updating existing content quite easy.

The consulting and support time included in the Small Business price estimate should be sufficient to get your new site launched with a look you like and provide training and support time to help you get your initial pages, posts, and content added to your new site.

Where to start? First step is to  get in touch  for a free consultation.

Small Business or personal site: $300 first year.

Initial cost of installing and basic customizing a WordPress backed web site for personal blog or small business. Once setup, your WordPress backed site will be quite user friendly. Most users can update text and pictures on the site with out professional assistance.

  • 1 URL annual registration
  • 12 Months of web hosting
  • Secure Sockets Layer SSL
  • Regular off-web-site backup
  • Initial web design and setup, including up to four hours of support and assistance learning to use Wordpress.
    • Installation and setup of Wordpress web site back end.
    • Assistance choosing and modifying Wordpress Theme to meet your needs.
    • Support and consulting time after the included four hours at $45 an hour (if you need it).
    • Installing and configuring Wordpress supporting software (plugins)
      • Note - some Plugins have an extra annual cost which is not included in the package price.
  • Ongoing annual cost:  can be under $200.00
    • One year Hosting, and URL annual registration
    • Secure Sockets Layer SSL
    • Regular off-site Backup
    • Regular monitoring, updating WordPress engine
    • Updating plug-ins and core themes
    • Two hours of support

If you are sure you need more than that ask for an estimate. 

If your site needs extra resources, such as on-line purchasing or has a high volume of traffic (thousands a day), the site hosting cost may need to be higher.

  • Get in touch for a free consultation and a ball-park estimate.

Personal Support and assistance

My pledge to my clients is that I will always charge reasonable prices for consulting and support. I will get to know your needs and provide real support and assistance. You will know the voice at the other end of the phone line.

About Domain Registration.

In the small business or personal site package it is assumed that the site will located on a shared server and the domain name will be assigned to Clif Graves Consulting as administrative contact.  This helps to keep the costs down and makes monitoring and updating the site with security patches less time consuming. Should you want to move to a different host or no longer want my services, I will assist you in transferring the domain name.