Software Gone – did you forget to pay the rent?

There is something much more permanent about buying a program on disk or downloading an opensource program such as OpenOffice, Gimp, or Scribus and installing it on you local computer. No one can turn it off by the whim of Government or Company. It is yours to use for as long as it meets your needs.

For all kinds of good financial reasons (for them) Microsoft, Adobe, mostly¬† all the ‘big guys’ are pushing their users to cloud / rental software.¬† A recent article in “Adobe is cutting off users in Venezuela due to US sanctions” Points out one of the danger in using cloud rental software. It is not only that the software goes away if you don’t pay the rent. It can also go away because the company or in this case the US Government changes it’s mind about letting you have the software.

Admittedly it seems grand to not have to worry about backing up your software or even you work. To have it all stored on ‘the cloud’ and backup is someone else’s problem. But as someone said “Using the Cloud is just using someone else’s computer”.

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