The Ghost in the WordPress machine strikes again.

A few days ago something happened. Or rather, stopped happening. No longer did emails announcing a new blog post arrive. After a lot of poking around the cause was found.

Go to the upper right corner of WordPress and click on your profile picture. This will take you to a page called “My Profile.”  On the left side, choose Notification settings. Then go to the Reader Subscriptions tab at the top. Click on this. At the bottom, you will find a section Block emails. Oddly enough it was checked to Block all email updates from bloggers you’re following on

Clearly it was nothing we had done. We had not been under the hood for weeks. So how did that get checked? The Ghost did it! Clearly given all the unwanted changes to WordPress over the past weeks and months, there is cleanly not just a ghost in the machine there is a poltergeist in the machine.

If your blog is hosted on and all the folks you are following stop emailing you with updates, see if the check next to Block emails has been incorrectly set to “Block all email updates from bloggers you’re following on”.

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