The Last American
by J. A. Mitchell

A new edition edited and designed by Clif Graves.

The American author, J. A. Mitchell, was a contemporary of Jules Verne. The Last American was first published in 1889.

The Last American is a humorous and disquieting foreshadowing of what may come. This is a tale of a time after the collapse of civilization as we know it. The environment has gone crazy with extreme heat and weather. Massive political disruptions and wars have brought the world to its knees. Modern technology is the stuff of legends. Join an intrepid group of Persian explorers in the year 2951 as they rediscover the mythic land of Northern Mehrika.

The page layout and overall design of this book is totally new but is in keeping with the sensibility of the 1889 edition. Line spacing, use of quotation marks, and other incidental changes have been made to update the book design for modern readers. Internal art work by the author from the 1889 edition are included. Two color plates from the 1902 edition have been used as the basis for the cover design.

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Author: Clif Graves