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The standard WordPress editor for WordPress.com users will be retired June 1 – or not.

There is a discussion ( here ) that starts with “On June 1 we’ll be retiring our older WordPress.com editor and transitioning to the more recent (and more powerful) WordPress block editor.”

But that is only true in the broadest sense. The blog post seems intentionally misleading to ‘force’ folks into using the not so well loved (Hated?) Block Editor. But there are options to continue using the old standard WordPress editor.

In the discussion following the post it comes down to this:

“To clarify, there are currently three editors available on WP.com. The older editor that we’re retiring looks like this: https://a.cl.ly/L1u7ldwB The two editors that will remain are the block editor which looks like this: https://a.cl.ly/BluZe4w5 and the classic editor, which looks like this: https://a.cl.ly/L1u7ldNK

But in the reply to another question it says:

“there is no way to default to the classic editor right now. Once the older WP.com editor is retired (around June 1st), you will be presented with the option of defaulting to the classic editor from within the block editor.”

So it seems that folks who have their blog hosted by WordPress.com will need to choose to use the classic editor from inside the block editor after the June 1 changeover, to go back to the more or less old editor with a slightly different look.

Is there value to the Block Editor? For bloggers not so much. The Block editor is a not-so-successful attempt at the page design tools such as BeaverBuilder and features that some commercial web hosting platforms offer. For bloggers, ease of entering text and photos is more important fancy design and the extra effort that entails.

I expect that most bloggers who understand they have the option will ‘stay’ with the classic editor.

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