Windows 7 is dead – Long live Linux

Unless you are a big organization and wants to send Microsoft lots of money for continued support – support for Windows 7 is over. Over 10 years ago Microsoft launched Windows 7 to help recover from the disastrous Windows Vista. In August 2012 Microsoft released Windows 8 to less than stellar reviews. While Windows 8 platform and user interface were designed to improve its user experience on tablets, they seemed to forget that most folks did not then and do not now have Windows running on some form of tablet. It was not so helpful.  With various updates the new Windows became a bit more user friendly.

In July of 2015 Windows 10 was released. I don’t know anyone who says that Windows 10 is better than Windows 7. But it does undo some of the worst parts of Windows 8. Probably the only way to make Windows 8 and then 10 take over from Windows 7 was to give it away for free and then refuse to support Windows 7.

Verge has a good article sub titled An end of the traditional Windows era

“Microsoft’s priorities have certainly shifted under CEO Satya Nadella. “The operating system is no longer the most important layer for us,” explained Nadella at the launch of new Surface devices last year. Windows is still a significant part of Microsoft’s business, but it’s not the future of it. Microsoft is embracing Android, cross-platform software and services, and the cloud. It’s a company that increasingly embraces competitors like Amazon, Samsung, Sony, and Google to transform its own business.”

For me not much is changing. I am writing this post using LibreOffice running on a machine which once had Windows XP on it. It now runs the latest Linux Mint.

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