Within 5 to 10 years Cable TV as such will be gone.

Here is my prediction. Within 5 to no more than 10 years Cable TV as such will be gone. We may will see a return of TV antennas. Local TV stations will be doing a combination of air wave and 'live' streaming over the Internet. The distinction between print newspapers and TV news online might fade into just local news on the Internet. You see the premium 'cable' channels already moving quickly to offer apps on Roku and it's like. Cheap Internet subscription services like Netflix and Hulu will be the new 'basic package'.

With phone 'land lines' also being a failing business, you will see both cable companies and phone companies competing to be the fastest and most desirable Internet providers, because that is the only part of their business models that remain viable. Local TV stations will face the same challenges that newspapers are now facing and will need to scramble to develop a new income model.

There are believable predictions that in the same time frame electric cars will start out-selling gasoline. The next 5-10 years could be quite interesting indeed.

You may want to see the article 'Cable TV “failing” as a business, cable industry lobbyist says' at  arstechnica.com

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