WordPress Aberration Lite Theme, who could ask for anything more?

aberationscreenshotx500The Aberration theme from Shaped Pixels of Vancouver, Canada is minimalist and elegant on the outside but has an 'everything but the kitchen sink' approach on the inside. The theme is billed as a Photographic and Personal Blogging theme. It could just as easily be the backbone for a business or magazine site.

This theme is one of the most configurable themes I have worked with. While most themes require some level of under the hood tweaks to get the look and functionality that is desired, this theme has so many choices in the customizer and widget space that it is likely the desired look will just require figuring out which 'button' to push.

Wordpress Customizer
Wordpress Custom Colors

Custom colors and more

The Customizer at first look seems average. But when you open a section like color you see where it is not at all average. There are over 65 text or screen object color choices. Most Themes give you some limited choices. Beyond that changing text or object colors requires poking around in the CSS code to to make changes. In Aberration it is just a matter of finding the item in that long list and choosing the color you want.

One example of a simple change in settings that has a big change in site look is in the header. The Aberration look has a box around the site title and a light color bar behind it.

Header with Box

By changing the 'Title Box' to match the 'Content Area Background' color it can disappear. By changing the 'No Banner Background' to match the page background color the color bar behind the box disappears.

Header with no Box

How many Widgets do you need?

In the Widget area you will not see just 3 or 4 locations. You get to choose from 18 widget locations! One interesting widget feature is providing separate sidebars for pages and posts. This could be very useful for a small business site to make a Blog section that has a different menu on the sidebar than the  main site.

Theme Wiget area

If you are looking for a sharp looking modern theme with lots of built in options for customizing the look and feel of the site, Aberration is one you should give a look.

There is a 'Pro' version of this theme. While it is hard to imagine how much more reconfigurability could be in the pro version, if you like and use the theme consider getting the pro version to honor the great work done by Shaped Pixels on this theme and support its continued development.

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